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Better, Faster, Cheaper
Operational Intelligence

Resolve issues 10x faster.

Track SLO violations.

Cut costs up to 90%.

With Your Prometheus and OpenTelemetry stack

The Problem

Observability is Mandatory yet Expensive

  • Data collection is easy, but analysis is human intensive

    Teams struggle to keep up with the context of each metric and must manually correlate signals through time and causality.

  • Raw metrics & traces are insightful but expensive to store

    Vendors hijack your data and charge you for ingestion leaving you stuck with an out of control Observability bill!

  • Figuring out what to retain for how long is a constant battle

    Deciding which data needs to persist in long term storage is a full time job.

The Solution

Introducing Asserts Observability

A layer of automation and intelligence leveraging your open source observability data that lowers costs AND improves visibility.

Asserts Intelligent Workbench™

Curated library of PromQL recording & alert rules and an intelligent OpenTelemetry Collector will continuously analyze millions of metrics and live traces to spot issues instantly. No dashboard assembly required.

Transform Your Noise
Leverage Asserts RCA Workbench

Asserts Correlation Intelligence™

Entity Map built from metadata collected from metrics, traces and an eBPF probe leverages Graph Inference to correlate issues and direct your attention to where it’s needed most.

Asserts Data Distiller™

Drastically reduces ingestion & long term storage cost by:

- Recording Traffic & Resource baselines, anomalies and alerts

- Retaining traces of interest based on statistical baselines

Prioritize Response with SLOs

Automated Intelligence
For Prometheus & OpenTelemetry Stack

Retain what's meaningful

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Maximize Your OSS Investment

Tame Your Observability Costs