As builders and operators of cloud applications and founding engineers of industry-leading APM products, we were pinched every day: why was it still so hard to troubleshoot and optimize our app with the modern APM tools? We had assertions for our compile time with Unit, Component, and Integration tests but couldn’t apply the same rigor to our runtime. There wasn’t a platform to transcribe our system design embedded in the four golden signals and health metrics into Runtime Assertions. When we started creating Alerts to track these failures and dashboards to view the metrics, they were disjoint, too many to manage, too noisy to correlate, and will go out of date too soon with our continuous release. As engineers, we wished for an adaptive and purposefully built solution for distributed systems and cloud architecture, and most importantly, that allowed us to manage our Monitoring as a Code.

What is Asserts?

Asserts is the next-generation insights for your distributed, multi-cloud applications. With Asserts, your team can say goodbye to disjointed dashboards that don’t keep up with rapid releases. Your expert engineers won’t be constantly interrupted to pore over esoteric metric charts and sift through an ocean of disjointed logs hoping to stumble upon the needle in the haystack. And to top it off, your on-call team won’t be fatigued by alerts that don’t matter.

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