A Better, Faster, Cheaper APM

A Better, Faster, Cheaper APM

Observability continues to be hampered by two problems: it costs too much, and it’s still difficult to find the root cause of problems.  Teams are struggling to control the unbounded costs associated with:

  • Licensing
  • Storage
  • Toil During Troubleshooting

Harnessing Open Source projects such as Prometheus, Grafana, and OpenTelemetry eliminates the high costs associated with licensing. While these tools are mature at collecting, storing, and visualizing the raw data, storing high cardinality data quickly adds up.    

And then, you have to manually correlate across signals from app, runtime, and infra by opening 20 dashboard tabs and calling everyone into the war room. The cost associated with the time and effort spent troubleshooting adds up and eats into developer productivity.

Introducing asserts

The only solution which harnesses open source observability data to simultaneously:

  • Deliver Correlated Insights  
  • Intelligently Reduce High Cardinality Storage

We built Asserts to make Observability easy without the high bill. We will set it up for you and guarantee at least 70% savings in both human and license costs.

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